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I have used other tech news/ blog readers available on the iPhone, and most of them are very frustrating to use, as you keep on seeing the same news all the time, and refresh is slow for casino en ligne français  So I built this fast, simple web application where you can read the news quickly and if you login, then you will never see the same news item after you have read it once So, it makes for very interesting reading which is continually changing

Recent Work

8 queens problem

The goal of this game is to place the eight queens on the chessboard in such a way that no two queens attack each other.

Christmas pics puzzle

Select your difficulty level and enjoy the enchanting tile puzzle. Take advantage of exclusive special offers, 2-for-1 deals and more. Book your table securely and receive immediate feedback via email In association

Geo Trivia Trip

Where is the Grand Canyon? What',s the capital city of Canada? Where is Uluru? With its large number of questions, GeoTriviaTrip will entertain you and your friends. Let',s go for the challenge!


FoodTube is a restaurant booking service for iPhone users in the UK Search for restaurants by cuisine, location, ambiance and price View venue descriptions and reviews, and browse current menus and meal deals.


Use your iPhone browser to search, discover and download freely available MP3 songs. Supports adding found tracks to your Amazon Wishlist for later purchasing, Try with TestiPhone

La Grande Maison

This iPhone web application allow to visit the very famous old house called ƒ??La Grande Maisonƒ? in Chandolin-prÇùs-SaviÇùse in Switzerland. This version show a brief description of the rooms and the actual price. You must be using an iPhone to see the iPhone version of this app

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I find that this app has helped me in my job and in interviews because I am always update with the very latest technology news. This keeps me very much aware of what is happening as soon as it happens

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